3D Modelling Symposium Berlin 2008

Even if the new digital tools of CAGD (Computer Aided Geometric Design) and the rapid deployed computational environments help to create and to visualise their adequate geometries, the software programmes may not necessarily help to understand, construct and build those geometries. A deep observation and critical analysis of the new digital tools is necessary to govern them. Further the same understanding of the fundamental ideas of mathematical and physical formfinding is required in order to optimise the virtual models. The workflow as a sythesis starting from visualisation, leading to formulation of digital and physical models, the verification of the defined geometries with finite elements and the realisation of prototypes requires a true interdisciplinary approach. The contemporary design passes through the integration of other disciplines - structural engineering, applied mathematics and programming. Aesthetic and technical parametres influence a successful design.

These keynotes should be the basis for our further teaching and research activities in the following disciplines: Architecture, Engineering and Industrial Design. Thus the 3D Modelling Symposium Berlin is conisidered as a forum for design oriented disciplines including the realms stated above, with an increasing interest in complex and generic geometries. The three-day event gives a review of the actual state of demands and discussions in the world of 3D-modelling, formfinding and prototyping. In the Key Lectures expert speakers present multi-discipline applications, mostly about Formfinding and Generative Design, whereas participants of the Case Studies deepen the 3D-modelling skills by experienced instructors in the fields of High Quality Surfacing and Scripting.

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