Submissions Guidelines for Abstracts

Authors interested in presenting a paper should submit an abstract (500 - 1,000 words) by Monday, 21 January 2019. The Design Modelling Symposium is aiming at creating scientifically as well as visually strong proceedings. These will first be published as a book by Springer. The format of the book supports papers with large scale visual representations.

The Advisory Board invites authors to submit, besides the visual representations used in the text of the paper, up to 5 additional images or illustrations to underline the content of the papers. 

The abstract must be blinded during the review process so that there is no information that can be used to discover the identity of the author(s). The paper must be uploaded as DOC-file or PDF-file to the website. Out of the list of themes and topics, a keyword should be assigned to the paper. Where there is an overlap between the coverage of several themes and topics, authors should choose the one they consider to be the most appropriate.

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